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Jun. 6th, 2007

I had one of the worst experiences of my life tonight. I was driving back to my house with Ali from the concert and as we were almost to Denali, Ali yelled that there was a cat in the road and that we had to go back. So we turned around. And sure enough there was a pretty light grey cat in the middle of the road. We weren't sure if it was dead or not so we pulled over and went over to it. It was pretty soon obvious that it was dead. But we couldn't leave the cat there so we get plastic bags from the car and moved it out of the road and to the side. We wanted to call someone so they could come pick it up because though it didn't have a collar, it might have been microchipped or something. But we couldn't think of who to call. Then this woman pulled up. She said that she was the car following the car that hit it. She said she was certain after the car hit it that it was dead. And she said that she wasn't sure the people even noticed they'd hit it. She told us that she would call City services and leave a message about it. Hopefully someone will come and pick it up. A couple cops pulled up behind us after the lady left and said it wasn't safe for us to be parked there because we were so close to the road. We told them that we were just leaving, but we didn't think it was right to leave the poor thing in the middle of the road where it could get hit again. They didn't really understand they just repeated that it was unsafe for us to be parked there. We finished talking to them and got back in the car. They told us that they'd call yolo animal services and if it was still there tomorrow they'd come and get it. But I don't know where it would go! It's dead it can get up and walk away. We named it Maggie. We want to make it a memorial, but it probably won't happen. I'm so depressed about it. It was so hard for me to pick it up. It was still warm. It's eyes were open. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
well...this didn't work too well...hi everyone!

yay splits!


Stolen from Whitney

You're Fritzi! You are one scary little girl. With

your intelligence, there's no telling what

you can accomplish.

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hehehe ^woot i'm a psychotic teenaged girl on a path to take over the musical world^ ...okay so maybe i am kinda like that...but...who cares!

i love this! stolen from...erm...adrian...

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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

1. French 4 Honors- Holoman
2. ATC - Gardias
3. Semester 1 - TA Van Muyden Semster 2 - Chemistry Van Muyden
4. Drama - Bruch
5. ROP Stagecraft - Wershing
6. American Lit. - Morgan
7. Semester 1 - Health Levin Semster 2 - Algebra II/Trig unknown teacher

soooo my schedule officially kicks ass because i have only 4 academic classes 2 of which i've already taken so it should be easy...yay! ummmm...let me know if you have anything with me but i don't think i have anything with anyone except i know i have drama with marquis and chem with vic...yay! see y'all tomorrow at schooooool!

Sep. 25th, 2005

things i've become addicted to since arriving in france:
1. nutella
2. bread at every meal regardless if it's pizza or a salad
3. sitting at the dinner table for 2 hours
4. eating the whole apple minus the seeds and the stem this includes the core

that's it...There wasn't much for me to get addicted to : )

my 20 random facts

start time: 10:26
1. i'm currently in france
2. i woke up at 9:40 this morning
3. currently everyone i know and love is asleep
4. i hate time zones
5. i've finally learned to type on european keyboards
6. i don't get breakfast this morning
7. i'm going to the store to buy french nutella, a new book, and anything else that catches my eye
8. i hate rabbits
9. i spent the weekend with people from argentina, australia, new zealand, guatamala, germany, latvia, and the US
10. i can't wait to come home
11. i sing second soprano
12. i've never been to new york city
13. i used to swim competitively
14. i don't like swimming all that much anymore
15. i want to take ballet again
16. a bus stops in front of my house here and every time it passes it wakes me up
17. i've gotten better at french
18. i don't run
19. i have retainers
20. i need to take more pictures
finished time: 10:30

i tag:
4.cristina p.

Here is how it works: If I tagged you your name is above. Check the start time and the end time of how long it takes you to right 20 facts about yourself. Then tag as many people as minutes it took you. soooo...it took me 4 minutes and i tagged 4 people. : ) simple right! have fun!

Sep. 22nd, 2005

::gigglesnerk:: this is fantastic!!!

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i met her she was cool...anyhoo yeah that is absolutely hysterical!